indieplay2016  中国独立游戏嘉年华


2016 indiePlay的主题为 “Hello,indie!" = "你好,独" ;P


indiePlay Chinese Independent Games Festival sponsored by the Chinese independent gaming league, is currently the country's largest independent game activities, which create the most pure purpose of independent games, bringing together all domestic truly love the game development on the gaming enthusiasts continue to explore and develop , providing the best display and exchange platform for the public through the activities of independent game developers. On the basis of the 2015, 2016 indiePlay China will continue to organize independent game contest, GameJam, salons and awards ceremony, will also join the show to build cooperation with the independent game exclusive display area, while existing projects will be fully upgrade to developers and fans to provide the best experience!

2016 indiePlay theme of "Hello, indie!" ;P

Chinese Independent Games Alliance will serve all independent game developers in the display, exchange, cooperation, distribution, investment, overseas and other aspects to give all independent game developers the greatest help.

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中国独立游戏联盟成立于2015年,其发起成员此前在国内活跃组织各类独立游戏相关活动,包括Global GameJam, 独立游戏沙龙,独立游戏Party等,联盟成员品牌包括indiePlay,indieACE, 游戏·伙伴等专注游戏本身的游戏性和乐趣,并致力于和国际化接轨的民间个人、公司及团体,联盟将致力于聚合国内独立游戏开发者力量,聚拢创造性和开拓性开发者个人和团队,加强交流和分享,定期策划组织相关活动,包括沙龙、GameJam、评选,SIG(特别兴趣小组),Workshop等,并将和众多展会合作给独立游戏开发者提供更多展示机会,以及与玩家的直接交流. 联盟品牌包括:


Chinese Independent Gaming League was founded in 2015, and its members launched earlier in the domestic active organization of various independent game-related activities, including the Global GameJam, independent game Salon, independent games Party and other Alliance members include brand indiePlay, indieACE, partners and other games · Focus the game itself is fun and games, and is committed to international standards and private individuals, companies and organizations, the Alliance will focus on domestic polymerization independent game developers the power to gather creative and pioneering developer of individuals and teams, strengthen exchanges and sharing regular planning and organizing related activities, including Sharon, GameJam, selection, SIG (Special interest group), Workshop, etc., and numerous exhibitions and cooperation to independent game developers to provide more exposure, as well as direct communication with the players. Alliance brand include:

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